You’re in for treat today, because I will share with you how I made this custom piece from a laser cutter located at the Laney College’s FabLab. So besides embarking on the blogging world, I am also learning more about laser cutting and practicing my graphic design skills as well. I found an excellent resource earlier last year at a Ecofest event at Laney College. There was a small unique booth where most things you wouldn’t see everyday were displayed. There standing was a middle-aged man named Danny, who was a instructor and founder of Laney’s Fablab, where their motto is “Make something Interesting.”

According to Laney’s website, the Laney College FabLab, was founded in the year 2015, is a compact yet dynamic 9,000 square feet space adjacent to the carpentry construction area. Originally, the space served as a loading dock for the theater department, yet now serves as an incubator for ideas and innovation for projects ranging from the production of a personal small scale “extraterrariums” to the the digital fabrication of a “Pocket House” for the homeless community. The Laney College FabLab fosters innovation, creativity, and ingenuity to students, teachers, and faculty as well as it inspires many to build (almost) anything.

Anyway, I started out as a part-time Graphic Arts student learning basic Photoshop and Adobe Illustrators skills. Then I started applying it toward laser cutting among other things. Before using their machineries, you must attend a intro class to the workshop where you learn safety protocols, and how each machine work. What’s interesting is how welcoming the staffs were, and how supportive they can be toward your own project.

I started out with building basic boxes and such and then later toward more complexes art pieces. The “Snakin’ the Eye of Horus” piece was something I was playing around and it came out wonderful in my opinion. It was so fun to create things that you wouldn’t find anywhere else and that is very empowering.

Stay tune for more.

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