• Social Media + Marketing Strategist

• Multimedia Producer + Speaker

• Artist & Community Activist

VOMEDIUM Media CollectiveA (V.M.C.) delivers with a passion + purpose to support people and business to drive  innovation, leverage new technologies and create opportunities for new growth!

VOMEDIUM stemed from Leon Vo’s childhood dream to become a traveling photographer, and share new perspectives of this evolving world. He founded VMC, over 3 years ago in 2015, to fulfill on that passion. He’s always possessed an attraction to visual media, with talents in social marketing, skills in multimedia production, strategy tools and a lifetime of expertise sustainable living practices. VMC offers an opportunity to leverage all of these areas for our clients and our collective’s contributors.

Leon holds a BA in Economics and Environmental Studies from the U.C. Santa Cruz(2009). Currently studying 3D design and prototyping at Laney College’s FabLab. He loves to learn, so education continues to be a core component of this work. Leon developed these custom services after years of studying Web Development programs; to better the world through business, as a medium. The collective’s mission is to evolve business as we know it, providing multimedia support for bold innovative leaders, and help to have a larger positive impact in this world!

Onwards with passion,

Leon C. Vo

Founding Director